We'll meet in Dall at 08:00 on wednesday and 07:30 friday (depending on which day you're shooting the prematch). On friday we'll be done shooting no later than 18:00. On wednesday, we may go a bit longer.

The prematch schedule:

Wednesday Squad 10 & 11
08.00 Briefing in club house
17.00 Expected finish - perhaps a bit later if needed
Friday Squads 12-16
07.30 Briefing in club house
  Squad 12, first stage on range C, RO: Jørgen Pedersen
  Squad 13, first stage on range F, RO: Jesper D. Thomsen
  Squad 14, first stage on range H, RO: Claus Rittig
  Squad 15, first stage on range J, RO: Kenneth Ammentorp
  Squad 16, first stage on range K, RO: Tim Riise
18.00 Last shot
18.30 Dinner

There is no dedicated lunch break on wednesday or friday, and no catering during lunch. Please bring what you need for the day.

All helpers and RO's are expected to be at the range at 07:45 on saturday and sunday:

07:45 Breakfast and RM briefing for RO's
08:30 Stage prep (target change, etc)
08:50 Briefing
08:55 Walkthrough
09:00 First shot

The lunch break for staff varies by stage, see the schedule. We expect to be done with the shooting no later than 19:00 on saturday, and 17:15 on sunday - see the main match schedule

After we're done shooting on saturday, there's a dinner for match staff at the range. Dinner on friday and saturday is free of charge.