Signup for Danes, for the Danish championships in Revolver and Classic will begin on February 5th 2024, at 20:00.

Signup for everybody for the Main Match will begin on February 12th 2024, at 20:00.

The main match is shot in two days, Saturday and Sunday.

Signup for the Prematch, for RO's, match staff and Sponsors will begin on February 5th 2024, at 22:00.

Please read the invitation

Before signing up, please read the invitation for competitors or the invitation for match staff, in particular the section about current calibre restrictions.

We need to receive your entry fee (and payment for lunch, if any) within 2 weeks of your signup. We'll assign slots in the match in the order that we receive your payments. International payments may take a couple of days to clear, please keep this in mind.

Failure to pay on time will result in you being removed from

By signing up to this match, you consent to the match using and publishing some of your information, among others:

  • Contacting you about payment for the match etc.
  • Publishing your name on competitor, squad and result lists.
  • Publishing photographs of you at the match.
  • Contacting your IPSC region to verify you're eligible to participate in the match
  • Transmitting your name and score to for publication there.

If you can't consent to this, and wish to participate in the match, please contact the Match Director.

About filling out the signup form:

Since we're required to verify your IPSC competitor status with your region, please chose the correct region.

If you live within the DSF West area, please tick the "I live in Jylland/Fyn"-box, so we know you're eligible for the DSF West championships. 


We're planning to give each participant a commemorative t-shirt, financed by our sponsors. To know how many of each size we'll need to order, please indicate your t-shirt size.


Please see the page about ordering lunch.


We have some space available where you'll be able to put up a tent or park a camper, free of charge, please indicate if you wish to make use of this.

If you're bringing an autocamper or caravan, read our conditions for autocampers


When you've signed up for the match, you'll receive an email with information about paying your entry fee. You'll be able to choose a squad when we've registered your entry fee. If you haven't chosen a squad by August 20th you'll be assigned to a random squad.


Signup for main match (opens for the danish championship on February 5th at 20:00 CET, open for all on February 12th at 20:00 CET,).

Signup for Prematch (Match staff, Range Officers and Sponsors only, opens on February 5th at 22:00 CET).