Zero Mike Armory has sponsored 3 Walther pistols for Dall Challenge

Builders Gun

A gun is given to a random helper of building and tearing down the match stages.
The gun is a Walther PDP Compact

Test ’n Shoot

In the Walther tent at bay D, everyone can stop by and testshoot a Walther PDP and a  
Walther Q5 Steel Frame. Test runs are limited to one run of 10 shoots per gun per shooter.
We also have a plate-rack competition, where each run will be registered,
and the fastest run will win a Walther goodie bag. Each timed plate-run cost DKK 10,- cash
 including 10 rounds with no limits to amount of runs - the more runs, the better odds of winning!
Among all Plate-rack entries, a Walther PDP Full Size pistol will be drawn by random!

Zero Mike Armory Shoot-off

Among all Danish shooters, the match director randomly selects 8 shooters to shoot this years  
shoot-off. The shoot-off is held Sunday afternoon around 3PM on bay E !
All shooters will be shooting the same Walther Q5 SF and ZMA ammo.
The winner of the shoot-off will win a Walther Q5 Match SF pistol

Important: If the Test ’n Shoot gun is won by someone living outside of Denmark, the cost for paperwork
and shipping will be invoiced to the winner. The cost is estimated DKK 1.500,- or EURO 200,- 

Danish importer and distributor of Walther

Ny Kærvej 31, 9000 Aalborg, Phone +45 5360 8360,