We're now as close to certain as we can be, barring any unforseen further COVID-19 restrictions, that Dall IPSC Challenge will go ahead. We may not have as many helpers and RO's as usual, so competitors may be be asked to help paste targets.

For our foreign competitors: you'll probably need to show that you have booked a stay for at least 6 days in Denmark. For competitors who have asked to camp at the range, we can provide a reservation confirmation for 3 days stay. Some of our Swedish competitors may not be allowed to enter Denmark, there's nothing we can do about that, please keep informed and plan accordingly.

If you can't make our 2020 match, you can secure a slot in our 2021 match already! We'll move your registration, lunch payment etc. to next year. Next years match will be August 28-29. Please contact the match director, if you would like to move your slot to 2021. We also offer a refund of the match fee.