We'll meet in Dall at 08:00 on wednesday and 07:30 friday (depending on which day you're shooting the prematch). On friday we'll be done shooting no later than 18:00. On wednesday, we may go a bit longer.

The prematch schedule:

Wednesday Squad 10 & 11
08.00 Registration and briefing in club house
17.00 Expected finish - perhaps a bit later if needed
Friday Squads 12-15
07.30 Registration and briefing in club house
18.00 Last shot

All helpers and RO's are expected to be at the range at 07:45 on saturday and sunday:

07:45 Breakfast and RM briefing for RO's
08:30 Stage prep (target change, etc)
08:50 Equipment check & briefing
08:55 Walkthrough
09:00 First shot

The lunch break for staff is after your third squad on saturday, and after your fourth squad on sunday - see schedule. We expect to be done with the shooting no later than 19:00 on saturday, and 16:30 on sunday - see the main match schedule

After we're done shooting on saturday, there's a dinner at the range. For match staff, this is of course free of charge.